iomojo camera server

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Iomojo Camera Serer es una distribucion linux basada en RedHat 7 que se puede utilizar como servidor casero de streaming. Convierte una PC normal en un servidor con video streaming habilitado.

Alguien lo quiere probar?

* Features include camera server, video chat, picture sharing, photo album & collaboration tools like groupview for pushing any web data to all connected users. Several robotic cameras and PTZ heads are supported.

* The multi-user web interface makes configuration and administration easy. Iomojo works through firewalls and requires no plugins or java. The iomojo camera server uses any bt878 or bt848 based (e.g. Hauppauge WinTV, Miro PCTV ) frame grabber. The setup is made so that just about anyone can easily install the camera server regardless of Linux experience.

Hardware Requirements for camera server machine

* x86-based processor, Pentium 200 or better
* 32 MB Ram minimum
* Video Capture Card (Bt848 / Bt878)
* Network adapter supported by RedHat 7.0
* 1 Gig HD minimum
* Ability to boot from CDROM

* The iomojo camera server (ISO) is a complete operating system which converts a PC into a multi-user camera server. You willl need to dedicate a PC on your network to be the camera server. The iomojo camera server will replace the contents of this PC with our software!

Certain ISA network adapters require configuration parameters to be passed when the device is initialized. Unless you are comfortable configuring hardware under Linux, a PCI adapter is suggeste