A que no saben quienes son los héroes del opensource

Imagen de Tonny


Heroes del open source

que tal!!!

Ahora ya tenemos nuevos amigos, jeje

visto en diariolinux..


Joder estos de mocosoft se

Imagen de falcom

Joder estos de mocosoft se pasan mira cuando pinchas en el link
Thank you for your interest in downloading the Hero Hack Pack.

Unfortunately, all of the Hero Hack Packs have been delivered to Open Source heroes throughout the world.

You can still download trial versions of the software included in the Hack Packs:

Windows Server 2008 Visual Studio 2008
Don't forget to stop by the Heroes homepage, if you haven't already.
jeje mejor me da risa
miren otra
Port 25
Port 25 is home to the open source community at Microsoft. This represents an open conversation dedicated to Linux, Windows, and open source interoperability.
estos cabrones si se pasan!
Salu2 and Have Fun