Concurso Gnome 1.12 Splash Screen

Imagen de RazaMetaL


Como sabrán, Gnome esta por lanzar la version 2.12. Es por esto que el equipo de desarrollo ha decidido realizar un concurso para encontrar el splash screen ideal para esta version.

Lamentablemente el concurso ya fue cerrado (ugghhh) y pronto se anunciará al ganador :( ;)

Le dejo el contenido del anuncio:

With the imminent release of the GNOME 2.12, the time has come to find the ideal splash screen to go with it. Now is your chance to join the ranks of the precious few who have had their artwork associated with a major release of GNOME! This year, the contest will be judged by Garret LeSage of


* The closing date for entries is the September 4th.
* All entries must be released under the GPL.
* No plagiarism - You must have permission if you create any derivative works
* Size should be: 450 width and 300 heigth
* No words other than GNOME and 2.12 (other text cannot be translated)

The contest has now closed. The winner will be announced shortly.[/quote]