Proyecto Open Source da "voz" a los damnificados del Katrina

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Wireless: Volunteers give voice to evacuees

In days, the growing volunteer crew based at Dearman's home had equipped more than a dozen shelters in the Rayville area, stringing nearly two miles of Category 5 cable, giving hundreds of evacuees data and voice communications. By Monday, Sept. 13, less than a week after starting, the open source Asterisk IP PBX server being used had handled more than 10,000 outbound calls, according to Jeffco's Patient. "And we don't tax the public phone network," he says. "On the public net, you have to call 15 times to get a connection. With our stuff, you get dial tone and you make the call."[/quote]

Asterisk es un PBX OpenSource para telefonia IP, corre bajo linux y con hardware especializado puedes conmutar VoIP y la red telefonica convencional.

Es interesante el comentario sobre la eficiencia de la comunicacion obtenida con Asterisk.