Como crear RPM's sin ser root

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Este tip me llego en la entrega de "Linux Journal Weekly Newsletter" y me parece interesante compartirlo dado que muchos aca usan siembre y otros usamos alguna vez distros basadas en Red Hat.

This contribution comes from Phani from Kentucky, USA:

How to create RPM(s) as non-root user.

Create a RPM macros file called .rpmmacros (note the "." in front of it) in
your home directory with the following contents:

%_topdir /some/path/rpm

the RPM will point to this directory for all RPM Build needs such as:

%_prefix /some/path/local

This location will be used as the root directory for all the installations
of the binary RPM's

%_dbpath /some/path/rpm

This location will be used as the default rpm database:
NOTE:The macros should have the full path name for each location,
environment variables such as ${HOME} dose not work.

To check the RPM default locations: #rpm showrc

Create the following directory structure off of your home directory:


| +---------/ia64
| +---------/noarch
| +---------/PowerPC
| +---------/ppc


Create the spec file.

Run #"rpm -ba ", and you are on your way ... ;-)

Editorial Notes: You don't want to set "_prefix" and "_dbpath" if you want
to build rpm's to install normally. Phani did that to avoid changing the
normal database and to always install things in "non-standard"
directories. He also left out the subdirs "i386" and "i586" which could
cause problems for folks that don't have 64-bit machines. So keep in mind
that you are going to have to adjust his system to fit your system and
your standard way of doing things.

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Denis Guido

Denis Guido

Jajajajaja, si.. ya estoy

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Jajajajaja, si.. ya estoy primero otra vez !


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