MailScanner y Clamav no se actualizan



desdee hace varios dias mi logwatch me reporta lo siguiente:
--------------------- clam-update Begin ------------------------

No updates detected in the log for the freshclam daemon (the
ClamAV update process). If the freshclam daemon is not running,
you may need to restart it. Other options:

A. If you no longer wish to run freshclam, deleting the log file
(default is freshclam.log) will suppress this error message.

B. If you use a different log file, update the appropriate
configuration file. For example:
echo "LogFile = log_file" >> /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles/clam-update.conf
where log_file is the filename of the freshclam log file.

C. If you are logging using syslog, you need to indicate that your
log file uses the syslog format. For example:
echo "*OnlyService = freshclam" >> /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles/clam-update.conf
echo "*RemoveHeaders" >> /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles/clam-update.conf

He revisado los logs de freshclam y observo que si se actualizan, tambien he revisado que los logs apunten a las rutas y archivos indicados pero no se como resolver el incoveniente

Alguien sabe que falta de revisar?