Se necesita "Drupalers"


We need good Developers able to work in our offices, in Quito, Ecuador.

Senior developers and SMART Junior developers are welcome. Requirements to
apply are:

  2. Be a very good programmer. Be someone who enjoys programming.
  3. Willing to be part of a great team of developers, working creating the
    best websites ever, in a comfortable and nice office.
  4. Be able to work full time
  5. MUST speak English
  6. MUST live in Quito, Ecuador
  7. MUST be an individual (not a company).
  8. If you want to apply as senior developer: You should be a good PHP programmer and you MUST have extensive experience using Drupal. That means: you are used to use drush. You should be able to use and create modules and themes.  You should be able to personalize any site, create carousels, sliders, etc. You should have experience using a CVS like GIT or SVN (You should understand pretty well how GIT works). You should be able to create a multi-lingual site. You can use modules like views, panels, domain access, etc. You understand how features module works, and how you can use it during deployments between environments.

A plus:
If you have experience with jQuery/CSS/HTML

You can visit our website at

You can send your resumes at