Ayuda Trixbox con a2billing


Tengo todo listo en Trixbox con a2billing - Version 1.3.4, pero sabe, cuando marco un numero sale una grabacion femenina : "Introduzca el numero que desea llamar seguido de almohadilla ", ¿ donde elimino ese mensaje para que pueda marcar en forma directa y generar ringback ?

Agradeceria la ayuda, muchas gracias :)


Edit: agi-conf1

; the debug level
; 0=none, 1=low, 2=normal, 3=all
debug = 1

; Asterisk Version Information
; 1_1,1_2,1_4 By Default it will take 1_2 or higher
asterisk_version = 1_2

; Manage the answer on the call
answer_call = NO

; Play audio - this will disable all stream file but not the Get Data
; for wholesale ensure that the authentication works and than number_try = 1
play_audio = yes

; play the goodbye message when the user has finished.
say_goodbye = NO

; enable the menu to choose the language
; press 1 for English, pulsa 2 para el español, Pressez 3 pour Français
play_menulanguage = NO

; force the use of a language, if you dont want to use it leave the option empty
; Values : ES, EN, FR, etc... (according to the audio you have installed)
force_language =

; Introduction prompt : to specify an additional prompt to play at the beginning of the application
intro_prompt =

; Minimum amount of credit to use the application
min_credit_2call = 0

; this is the minimum duration in seconds of a call in order to be billed
; any call with a length less than min_duration_2bill will have a 0 cost
; useful not to charge callers for system errors when a call was answered but it actually didn't connect
min_duration_2bill = 0

; if user doesn't have enough credit to call a destination, prompt him to enter another cardnumber
notenoughcredit_cardnumber = no

; if notenoughcredit_cardnumber = YES then assign the CallerID to the new cardnumber
notenoughcredit_assign_newcardnumber_cid = YES

; if YES it will use the DNID and try to dial out, without asking for the phonenumber to call
; value : YES, NO
use_dnid = NO

; list the dnid on which you want to avoid the use of the previous option "use_dnid"
no_auth_dnid = 2400,2300

; number of times the user can dial different number
number_try = 3

; this will force to select a specific call plan by the Rate Engine
force_callplan_id =

; Play the balance to the user after the authentication (values : yes - no)
say_balance_after_auth = NO

; Play the balance to the user after the call (values : yes - no)
say_balance_after_call = NO

; Play the initial cost of the route (values : yes - no)
say_rateinitial = NO

; Play the amount of time that the user can call (values : yes - no)
say_timetocall = NO

; enable the setup of the callerID number before the outbound is made, by default the user callerID value will be use
auto_setcallerid = YES

; If auto_setcallerid is enabled, the value of force_callerid will be set as CallerID
force_callerid =

; If force_callerid is not set, then the following option ensures that CID is set to one of the card's configured caller IDs or blank if none available.
; NO - disable this feature, caller ID can be anything.
; CID - Caller ID must be one of the customers caller IDs
; DID - Caller ID must be one of the customers DID nos.
; BOTH - Caller ID must be one of the above two items.
cid_sanitize = NO

; enable the callerid authentication
; if this option is active the CC system will check the CID of caller
cid_enable = NO

; if the CID does not exist, then the caller will be prompt to enter his cardnumber
cid_askpincode_ifnot_callerid = NO

; if the callerID authentication is enable and the authentication fails then the user will be prompt to enter his cardnumber
; this option will bound the cardnumber entered to the current callerID so that next call will be directly authenticate
cid_auto_assign_card_to_cid = NO

; if the callerID is captured on a2billing, this option will create automatically a new card and add the callerID to it
cid_auto_create_card = NO

; set the length of the card that will be auto create (ie, 10)
cid_auto_create_card_len = 10

; If cid_auto_create_card has been set to YES, the following options will define with which configuration we will create the card
; billing type of the new card
; ( value : POSTPAY or PREPAY)
cid_auto_create_card_typepaid = POSTPAY

; amount of credit of the new card
cid_auto_create_card_credit = 0

; if postpay, define the credit limit for the card
cid_auto_create_card_credit_limit = 1000

; the tariffgroup to use for the new card (this is the ID that you can find on the admin web interface)
cid_auto_create_card_tariffgroup = 6

; to check callerID over the cardnumber authentication (to guard against spoofing)
callerid_authentication_over_cardnumber = NO

; enable the option to call sip/iax friend for free (values : YES - NO)
sip_iax_friends = NO

; if SIP_IAX_FRIENDS is active, you can define a prefix for the dialed digits to call a pstn number
; values : number
sip_iax_pstn_direct_call_prefix = 555

; this will enable a prompt to enter your destination number.
; if number start by sip_iax_pstn_direct_call_prefix we do directly a sip iax call, if not we do a normal call
sip_iax_pstn_direct_call = NO

; enable the option to refill card with voucher in IVR (values : YES - NO)
ivr_voucher = NO

; if ivr_voucher is active, you can define a prefix for the voucher number to refill your card
; values : number - don't forget to change prepaid-refill_card_with_voucher audio accordingly
ivr_voucher_prefix = 8

; When the user credit are below the minimum credit to call min_credit
; jump directly to the voucher IVR menu (values: YES - NO)
jump_voucher_if_min_credit = NO

; Extracharge DIDs, multiple numbers and fees must be separated by comma
; extracharge_did = 1800XXXXXXX,1888XXXXXXX
extracharge_did =
;extracharge_fee = 0.02,0.03
extracharge_fee =
;extracharge_buyfee = 0.015,0.025
extracharge_buyfee =

; List the prefixes that will be stripped off if the call plan requires it
international_prefixes = 011,00,09

; More information about the Dial : http://voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+cmd+dial
; 30 : The timeout parameter is optional. If not specifed, the Dial command will wait indefinitely, exiting only when the originating channel hangs up, or all the dialed channels return a busy or error condition. Otherwise it specifies a maximum time, in seconds, that the Dial command is to wait for a channel to answer.
; H: Allow the caller to hang up by dialing *
; r: Generate a ringing tone for the calling party
; g: When the called party hangs up, exit to execute more commands in the current context. (new in 1.4)
; i: Asterisk will ignore any forwarding (302 Redirect) requests received. Essential for DID usage to prevent fraud. (new in 1.4) Useful if you are ringing a group of people and one person has set their phone to forwarded direct to voicemail on their cell or something which normally prevents any of the other phones from ringing.
; R: Indicate ringing to the calling party when the called party indicates ringing, pass no audio until answered.
; m: Provide Music on Hold to the calling party until the called channel answers.
; L(x[:y][:z]): Limit the call to 'x' ms, warning when 'y' ms are left, repeated every 'z' ms)
; %timeout% tag is replaced by the calculated timeout according the credit & destination rate!

dialcommand_param = "|60|HRgrL(%timeout%:61000:30000)"

; by default (3600000 = 1HOUR MAX CALL)
dialcommand_param_sipiax_friend = "|60|HRgirL(3600000:61000:30000)"

; Define the order to make the outbound call
; YES -> SIP/dialedphonenumber@gateway_ip - NO SIP/gateway_ip/dialedphonenumber
; Both should work exactly the same but i experimented one case when gateway was supporting dialedphonenumber@gateway_ip
; So in case of trouble, try it out
switchdialcommand = YES

; failover recursive search - define how many time we want to authorize the research of the failover trunk when a call fails (value : 0 - 20)
failover_recursive_limit = 2

; For free calls, limit the duration: amount in seconds
maxtime_tocall_negatif_free_route = 5400

; Send a reminder email to the user when they are under min_credit_2call
send_reminder = NO

; enable to monitor the call (to record all the conversations)
; value : YES - NO
record_call = NO

; format of the recorded monitor file
monitor_formatfile = gsm

; Force to play the balance to the caller in a predefined currency, to use the currency set for by the customer leave this field empty
agi_force_currency =

; Define all the audio (without file extensions) that you want to play according to currency (use , to separate, ie "usd:prepaid-dollar,mxn:pesos,eur:Euro,all:credit")
currency_association = usd:dollars,mxn:pesos,eur:euros,all:credit

; Please enter the file name you want to play when we prompt the calling party to enter the destination number
; file_conf_enter_destination = prepaid-enter-number-u-calling-1-or-011
file_conf_enter_destination = prepaid-enter-dest

; Please enter the file name you want to play when we prompt the calling party to choose the prefered language
; file_conf_enter_menulang = prepaid-menulang
file_conf_enter_menulang = prepaid-menulang2

; Define if you want to bill the 1st leg on callback even if the call is not connected to the destination
callback_bill_1stleg_ifcall_notconnected = YES