Hdup2 , backup utility simple de usar

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Hdup es una utility para hacer el backup muy simple de usar en Linux.

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what is it?
Hdup2 is a backup utilty, it's aim is to make backup really simple. The backup scheduling is done by means of a cronjob. Is supports a include/exclude mechanism, remote backups, encrypted backups and split backups (called chunks) to allow easy burning to CD/DVD.

* simple to use,
* small and versatile backup program,
* support for incremental backups,
* support for backups over the network (with ssh),
* support for network restore (with ssh),
* support for encrypted backups (using mcrypt, gnupg),
* support for split up archives (called chunks),
* support for .nobackup files (to exclude certain directories),
* flexible regular expression based include/exclude mechanism,
* designed to be run from cron.
* You need a Gnu tar version > 1.3.25

Hdup should run and compile on all Unixes out there. It does depend on Gnu tar for the backups. It also needs glib-dev if you compile it yourself. Also for building it you need Gnu Make.

You'll also need a recent tar version. Anything after 1.3.25 should work. Newer is better.
The scheme implemented by hdup2 is sometimes called the Grandfather-Father-Son scheme, Hdup just calls it: monthly-weekly-daily. Using this scheme it is wise to keep your backups for a minimum of one month.