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Un amigo me pregunto si existia software para DJ en Linux... empeze una pequena busqueda y estos fueron los resultados:


  • Client-server architecture based around glib
  • Streaming and mixing of any number of MP3 files
  • Dynamic filter insertion and removal
  • Multiple sound device support
  • Plug-in support
  • Cacheing / playing loops
  • Contiguous queueing - plays albums without gaps between songs, regardless of output buffer size
  • DJ turntable-style interface
  • Assisted beat matching
  • Waveform viewer / beat calculator
  • Sequencer
  • Record from any point in the stream, to disk or another process
  • Gtk gui's, with simple skin support
  • Flexible command-line interface
  • GDAM123 - an MPG123 clone that talks to a gdam server
  • MIDI hardware support
  • Online help



terminatorX 3.81

  • Finally the sequencer is available. You can now record/dub events for scratching, volume, effects (for example cutoff ), sync settings
  • Some pixmaps for the main operation buttons. These can be disabled in in the Options-dialog
  • Some sound file-editor integration: You can now start your favourite sound file-editor with the sound file loaded in a turntable with just one click
  • Enhanced 3DNow! support: the mixer routine is now 3DNow!-optimized. Increasing 3DNow! performance gain from a fromer 5% to more than 20%
  • Some GUI cleanups. Should now fit on smaller displays, too



  • Integerated beat graph into player
  • Faster pixmap drawings
  • Added play history in history tab
  • Player now automatically selects switch speed
  • Backup index command
  • Amount limited song list


Beatforce is a computer dj-ing system with 2 players,
a mixer with manual and auto-fade, a sampler and some more features.

The user interface and all widgets are designed from scratch and easily support theming and layout changes. Themes are written in XML. The user interface uses SDL as draw library. The widget library is a subproject of its own called SDLTk
To date BeatForce supports MP3, OGG and CDDA input. Due to the plugin concept of BeatForce new formats
can easily be added by simply writing a plugin.
The CDDA plugin also support CDDB queries to find title and artist of cd's which are currently playing. The song archive support multiple playlists, which can be changed by clicking on a tab. When closing beatforce the database will be stored as a XML file on the filesystem. 



  • Output multiple audio channels (up to 8 inputs) using a single sound device
  • Cueing support using multiple soundcards. (ability to have one sound device used for a master output, and a second sound device for headphones)
  • Cueing support using a single soundcard.
  • Supports the standard digital audio format of 16bit signed data at 44.1 KHz
  • Use of the Open Sound System for sound device control
  • Session recording to a wav file (controlled by the dbmixer options menu)
  • A single DJ Mixer style GUI interface for controlling DBMix channels.
    • Independent channel controls: volume/gain/level, pitch/speed control +/- 10%mute, cue, and pause.
    • IPC layer to allow the mixer to control the play/pause/stop/etc of dbmix client programs.
    • Crossfader
    • Punch buttons (allows you to add in the muted crossfader input. Handy for popping in sound bytes)
    • Control of master and cue soundcard mixers
    • Swap master and cue soundcards on the fly
    • Autofade buttons with fade speed control
    • L/R Balance control
    • Clipping notification
    • The mixer is optionally controled by an external device. See section titled Exmixer.
    • Digital Sampler with start/end editing abilities, and Load/Save samples
    • Beat matching synchronization tools (sorry no UI yet)
  • Multiple client support: xmms output plugin, mpg123, dbcat, terminatorX, gqmpeg (Note: to use gqmpeg, openthe preferences dialog, choose the Output tab, and enter "-s" in the User options field to enable output to stdout. To launch gqmpeg, type "gqmpeg | dbcat &" at the command prompt)
  • speed/pitch control.
  • format conversion from:
    • 8 bit signed mono and stereo data
    • 8 bit unsigned mono and stereo data
    • 16 bit signed mono and stereo data




DJPlay aims to be a high class live DJing application for Linux.

Update!! Due to a change in development thrust, DJPlay now has support for icecast broadcasting

Supprt for the Hercules DJ Console (PC version) under Linux (requires event devices)
Uses libsamplerate for samplerate conversion / pitch change




Jay'O'Rama, aims to be useful Dj software to allow softmixing, beatmatching and professional live session. At the actual state, JOR is an OpenJ oriented pcm player. It could play also as  a jukebox.

The project has recently been redesigned and retasked. Now it is represented by a couple of subprojects: the Open Sound Engine, which is the audio engine (in old releases the audio engine was Alsaplayer,, and its interface.


Mixxx is designed for DJ'ing for both professional and semi-professional users. Mixxx was started in early 2001 as one of the first digital DJ systems. Today Mixxx includes many features common to digital DJ solutions, but also some very unique features: It is free, and runs on all major desktop operating systems. Futhermore Mixxx has a number of key features to help the DJ in the live mix: Beat estimation, parallel visual displays, and support for many DJ input controllers.



  • Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
  • The cross-fader never wears out! :)
  • Plays .wav files of various formats.
  • Can use MIDI input
  • Digital file output.
  • Set and goto marks.
  • Create loops
  • Can record your actions for later playback
  • Efficient (mixing two files takes about a Pentium 50 :)
  • Low latency (time between your action and the change in output)..down to 1/100th second depending on the limits of your OS/hardware.
  • Separate output to `cue' channel
  • Control rate-of-play..from 0 to 2 X in increments of .001
  • Modify it's behavior with a python rc file

Comunidad de DJ's Open Source 


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Cual recomiendas

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Estaba buscando alguna aplicación de este tipo:
ya has probado estas herramientas?, cuál recomiendas?

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MIxxx (vaya nombre ), no

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 MIxxx (vaya nombre }:) ), no me permitio hacer nada, ejecute el archivo que se genera en la instalacion (mixxx), pero se me congelo el modo grafico; (mi pc es una athlon duron de 1GHz con 256 en RAM y 40MB disco) :-P, esa fue mi unica experiencia con software para djs

 o sino por que no instalan wine y bajo esta instalan alguna aplicacion bajo guindows  para estos menesteres;

aqui unos links...

todavia me parece que le falta  al soft.libre en este ambito, hay alguien mas que tiene algo de experiencia con soft. libre para djs.

Esta es mi humilde opinion 



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"Prefiero que mi mente se abra movida por la curiosidad .a que se cierre movida por la convicción"
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Los que he probado son el

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Los que he probado son el Mixxx y el DJPlay, la verdad chéveres y pude convencer a un tipo que sabe DJ's que me tenía cansado con sus "cracks" para el PCDJ y el BPM, etc, etc, etc...

Lo que me gustó fue saber que le intersaron y que ya los ha comenzado a usar en su DJ...

Me parecen buenos programas :) y los tengo en mi laptop que es una Dell Inspiron 2200 con sólo 256 de RAM, HDD de 30GB y un Intel Pentium M

Anímate a seguirle dando hasta hacerlo funcionar y evitar que se te congele el ambiente gráfico, en serio son buenos...

Otra cosa, también estoy usando el Plarpebu, un software para Karaoke, chévere por cierto; y aquí en el EcuaLUG Raza hizo el post indicando la dirección... "si la hubiera puesto cuando la necesitaba..." ;)

Antes fueron los dinosaurios los que se extinguieron, ahora le está llegando la hora a Micro$oft

Gabriel Eduardo Morejón López. [email][/email] [img]

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